Applying Styles on Cells

Applying a Custom Style on a Cell - An Example

To change the font and color of a cell using Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop, please follow the steps below:

  • Access any desired Worksheet
  • Access a Cell on which we want to apply a Style
  • Get Style of the Cell
  • Set Style properties according to your custom needs
  • Finally, set Style of the Cell with the updated one

There are many useful properties and methods offered by Style object that can be used by developers to customize the style according to their requirements. In the code below it is demonstrated that how to apply custom style on cell.

Drawing Borders of Cells

Using Style object, we can draw borders of a cell very easily. The borders can be drawn in any color. Moreover, developers also have the flexibility to choose a specific type of line that will be used to draw borders around the cell. Developers can use SetBorderLine and SetBorderColor methods of Style object to draw borders of any type and colors. Similarly, to get border information of any cell, developers can also make use of GetBorderLine and GetBorderColor methods of Style object.

Types of Borders

There are six types of borders supported by Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop as follows:

  • Left , represents left border
  • Right , represents right border
  • Top , represents Top border
  • Bottom , represents bottom border
  • DiagonalDown , represents diagonal down border
  • DiagonalUp , represents diagonal up border

Types of Border Lines

A border is composed of a line. Changing the type of line, changes the appearance of a border. There are many types of border lines supported by Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop, which are also listed below:

  • None , represents no border
  • Thin , represents solid line border
  • Medium , represents solid line border with line width equal to 2f
  • Dashed , represents dashed line border
  • Dotted , represents dotted line border
  • Thick , represents solid line border with line width equal to 3f
  • MediumDashed , represents dashed line border with line width equal to 2f
  • ThinDashDotted , represents dash dotted line border
  • MediumDashDotted , represents dash dotted line border with line width equal to 2f
  • ThinDashDotDotted , represents dash dot dotted line border
  • MediumDashDotDotted , represents dash dot dotted line border with line width equal to 2f

Summing Up All Together - Example

Setting Number Formats

Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop also provides a strong feature of setting number formats for the values entered into cells. There are 58 built-in number formats offered by Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop. To see a complete list of all supported number formats, please refer to Supported Number Formats.

All built-in number formats are assigned an Index number. For example the Index number of 0.00E+00 number format is 11 . To use a built-in number format in any cell, developers can set the NumberFormat property of Style object to the Index number of that specific number format. However,if developers need to have their own custom number format then they can also use Custom property of Style object.