Add GridWeb to Web Form

Creating & Using Aspose.Cells.GridWeb Control

Step 1: Creating a Web Application Project

First, create a web application project in which to use the Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control:

  1. Open Visual Studio.
  2. From the File menu, select New followed by Project.


A New Project Dialog appears.

  1. Select ASP.NET Web Application for desired language.


  1. Select Web Forms template.


  1. Add a new web form to the project.

Step 2: Embedding Control to the Web Form

Drag and drop the Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control from the Visual Studio toolbox to the web form.


When the control has been added to the form, it is rendered like this:


Step 3: Resizing Control

The form is rendered at a default size. Adjust the size by dragging the borders or corners.


Step 4: Setting Control Properties

Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control can also be configured using various properties.


It is possible to adjust many properties of the control with the Properties dialog. Basic properties include height, width, color and visual styles. Advanced properties include the edit mode, session mode and double-click mode. Moreover, it is possible to set customized event handlers in the Properties dialog.

There are also some extra configuration tools for Aspose.Cells.GridWeb that can be seen at the bottom of the Properties dialog as hyperlinks, or right_click on the GridWeb control to find them. These configuration tools include:

  • Custom Command Buttons

Custom Command Buttons

To open the custom command buttons editor: Right-click the GridWeb control and select Custom Command Buttons.


The CustomCommandButton Collection Editor dialog os displayed.


The dialog lets developers add and remove custom command buttons in the GridWeb control.


Aspose.Cells.GridWeb also provides its resource files with the control. The “acw_client” is a folder (@ your installation directory) that contains files and Aspose.Cells.GridWeb uses this folder to manage its internal configuration and other functionality, it has scripts files, image files and other files to specify GridWeb’s behavior and set other operations. The config file is used to manage the embedded client resources (images, scripts, etc.). Moreover, when you need to deploy the web application having GridWeb control, you would also copy the “acw_client” directory into your project folder least your web application (deployed over the server) could not find it. You can always specify the resource folder by adding the following lines of code into the configuration section (e.g in the web.config file in your VS.NET Project):

</p><p> <appSettings></p><p>  <add key="aspose.cells.gridweb.acw_client_path" value="/grid/acw_client/"/> </p><p></appSettings></p><p>

Step 5: Running Web Application

Run the application by pressing Ctrl+F5 or clicking the Start button.

When the application runs in a browser, the WebForm1.aspx page is displayed, now containing an empty Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control. Add values to cells by clicking them. It is also possible to perform other tasks like changing the height of a row or the width of a column, copying (Ctrl+C) or cutting (Ctrl+X) cell data to the clipboard and pasting (Ctrl+V) data to cell. To performing more operations, right-click the control to see full list of options.

Context menu of GridWeb control