Export DataTable from GridWeb

Exporting Worksheet Data

To a Specific DataTable

To export worksheet data to a specific DataTable object:

  1. Add the Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control to your Web Form.
  2. Create a specific DataTable object.
  3. Export the data of the selected cells to the specified DataTable object.

The example below creates a specific DataTable object with four columns. The worksheet data is exported starting from the first cell with all the rows and columns visible in the worksheet, to a DataTable object already created.

To a New DataTable

Sometimes, you don’t want to create a DataTable object but simply need to export the worksheet data to a new DataTable object.

The example below tries a different way to show the use of the Export method. It takes the reference of the active worksheet and exports the complete data of that worksheet to a new DataTable object. The DataTable object can now be used in any way you want. For example, it is possible to bind the DataTable object to a GridView to view the data.