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The following table summarizes the features available in Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop , Aspose.Cells.GridWeb and Aspose.Cells.GridJs controls provided by Aspose.Cells for .NET.

Features Aspose.Cells.GridDesktop Aspose.Cells.GridWeb Aspose.Cells.GridJs
Written completely in C# X X X
Works with .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 X X  
Works with .NET Standard &Core X X 
Platforms Supported      
Windows Forms applications X    
Web Forms applications   X  
Asp.Net core applications   X 
Microsoft Help 2 X X X
Html Help X X X
Online Programmer’s Guide in HTML format X X X
Fully Featured Demos      
Visual Basic.NET X X  
C# X X X
Microsoft Excel Supported      
Microsoft Excel 97 X X X
Microsoft Excel 2000 X X X
Microsoft Excel XP X X X
Microsoft Excel 2003 X X X
Microsoft Excel 2007 X X X
Browsers Supported      
Chrome X X X 
Microsoft Internet Explorer X X  
Microsoft Edge X X X 
Mozilla X X X
FireFox X X X
Opera X X X
Opening & Saving Spreadsheets      
Open a Spreadsheet in Grid X X X
Save Grid data as a Spreadsheet X X X
Load data from DataTable/DataView to the Grid X X  
Save Grid data to DataTable/DataView X X X
Managing Worksheets      
Add/Insert/Remove Worksheets X X X
Rename Worksheets X X X
Sort Worksheet data X X X
Supports Worksheet Pagination   X  
Managing Rows & Columns      
Add/Insert/Remove Rows and Columns X X X
Hide/Show Rows and Columns X X
Freeze/Unfreeze Rows & Columns X X X
Customize Rows & Columns Headers   X  
Managing Cells      
Standard Format Settings of Cells X X X
Custom Format Settings of Cells   X  
Text Alignment of Cells X X X
Border Settings of a Cell X X X
Font Settings of a Cell X X X
Merge or Split Cells X X X
Formatting Settings      
Format Cells using Format Painter X   X
Control the Look & Feel of the Grid X X
Built-in & Customizable Visual Styles   X  
Data Validation      
Regular Expressions Validations X X  
DropDownList Validations   X X
Custom Validations X X  
Add/Remove Comments of Cells X X X
Add/Remove Pictures in Cells X X X
Rotate/Resize Pictures in Cells X
Add/Remove Hyperlinks in Cells X X X
Keyboard Navigation      
Keyboard Navigation in Cells X X X
Add/Remove Button , CheckBox & ComboBox controls in Cells X    
Lock or Hide Cells X    
Functions & Formulas      
Create & Calculate Formulas X X X
80+ Pre-Defined Functions X X X
Custom calculation engine X X
Pivot Tables      
Create Dynamic Pivot Tables   X  
Grid Events      
Handle Grid Events X X  
Sessionless Mode      
Use Grid in Sessionless mode   X  

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