Managing GridDesktops Context Menu


The ContextMenuManager class is used to manage the context menu items. The GridDesktop.ContextMenuManager attribute gets the instance of ContextMenuManager object. For example, the ContextMenuManager.MenuItemAvailable_Copy attribute gets or sets a value indicating whether the context menu item Copy is available or not. Similarly, we have all the corresponding attributes for different context menu items.

IMPORTANT: By default, all the context menu items are visible in the list.

Managing the Context Menu

Hiding Context Menu Items

To perform this task, we first take a look the default context menu the GridDesktop has.

GridDeskop’s default menu


Now, hide some menu items using the code below:

After executing the above code, some menu items will not be visible for the users:

Some menu items are hidden


Adding New Menu Items

Add a new context menu item to the list using the following code snippet.

We also specify an event handler for the new command/option.

After executing the above code, a new menu item can be seen in the context menu. A message will also appear when cell is clicked.

A new menu item is added to the list