Support for Digital Signatures

Working with Digital Signatures

Supported Excel Formats for Digital Signatures

Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services supports digital signatures when exporting to Excel 2007 and ODS file formats.

Configuring Digital Signatures

The Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices.xml file holds the configuration information and text of a digital signature in the tag:

  • When DigitalSignature is set to off, Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services turns off the digital signature functionality. For example:
 <DigitalSignature value="off">

<report name="" pfxFilename="" pfxPwd="" purpose=""/>

  • When the value of DigitalSignature is on, Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices turns on the functionality of digital signature. For example:
 <DigitalSignature value="on">

There are four parameters in DigitalSignature section. These are :

  • name – Points to a report that needs a digital signature. The report uses a PFX file for digital signature when the parameter is blank.
  • pfxFilename – Points to the PFX file. The filename must be a complete filename. It cannot be set to a blank value.
  • pfxPwd – Sets the password. It cannot be left blank.
  • purpose – Explains the signature’s purpose. It can be blank. For example:
 <DigitalSignature value="on">

<report name="TestReport" pfxFilename="c:\MyKey.pfx" pfxPwd="tryto" purpose="test digital signature"/>

<report name="" pfxFilename="c:\MyKey.pfx" pfxPwd="tryto" purpose="test digital signature"/>