Add Embedded Images to Email Message in Aspose.Email

Aspose.Email - Add Embedded Images to Email Message

With Aspose.Email Java developers can easily embed any image into an email message as well as attach it, as discussed in Manage Attachments in Email Message. To embed an image, Aspose.Email uses a specialized class, LinkedResource.


 // Set Html body. It also contains <img> tag with cid. cid = LinkedResource.ContentID

message.setHtmlBody("<b>This line is in bold.</b> <br/> <br/>"

        + "<font color=blue>This line is in blue color</font><br><br>" +

        "Here is an embedded image.<img src=cid:companylogo>");

// Add linked resource

LinkedResource res = new LinkedResource(dataDir + "Aspose.png", MediaTypeNames.Image.PNG);


// Add Linked resource to the message's Linked resource collection


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