Read Outlook Template File OFT

Aspose.Email - Read Outlook Template OFT

Aspose.Email’s MailMessage class can be used to load a Microsoft Outlook template (OFT) file. Once the Outlook template is loaded in an instance of theMailMessage class, you may update the sender, recipient, body, subject and other properties.


 // Load the Outlook template (OFT) file in MailMessage's instance

MailMessage message = MailMessage.load(dataDir + "sample.oft");

// Set the sender and recipients information

String senderDisplayName = "John";

String senderEmailAddress = "";

String recipientDisplayName = "William";

String recipientEmailAddress = "";

message.setSender(new MailAddress(senderEmailAddress, senderDisplayName));

message.getTo().addMailAddress(new MailAddress(recipientEmailAddress, recipientDisplayName));

message.setHtmlBody(message.getHtmlBody().replace("DisplayName", "<b>" + recipientDisplayName + "</b>"));

// Set the name, location and time in email body

String meetingLocation = "<u>" + "Hall 1, Convention Center, New York, USA" + "</u>";

String meetingTime = "<u>" + "Monday, June 28, 2010" + "</u>";

message.setHtmlBody(message.getHtmlBody().replace("MeetingPlace", meetingLocation));

message.setHtmlBody(message.getHtmlBody().replace("MeetingTime", meetingTime));

// Save the message in MSG format and open in Office Outlook

MapiMessage mapimessage = new MapiMessage().fromMailMessage(message);

mapimessage.setMessageFlags(MapiMessageFlags.MSGFLAG_UNSENT); + "AsposeInvitation.msg");

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