Save Email Message As PDF

Aspose.Email - Save Email Message As PDF

The following code shows converting email message to PDF using Aspose.Email in combination with Aspose.Words for Java. This involves the following steps:

  1. Load the email message using MailMessage
  2. Save the email message to MemoryStream as MHTML
  3. Load the stream using Aspose.Words
  4. Save the message as PDF


 FileInputStream fstream = new FileInputStream(dataDir + "message.msg");

MailMessage eml = MailMessage.load(fstream);

// Save the Message to output stream in MHTML format

ByteArrayOutputStream emlStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();, SaveOptions.getDefaultMhtml());

// Load the stream in Word document

LoadOptions lo = new LoadOptions();


Document doc = new Document(new ByteArrayInputStream(

		emlStream.toByteArray()), lo);

// Save to disc + "About Aspose.Pdf", SaveFormat.PDF);

// or Save to stream

ByteArrayOutputStream foStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();, SaveFormat.PDF);

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