Feature List of Aspose.Finance

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Rich Features


  • Create XBRL instance from scratch.
  • Create iXBRL(inline XBRL) from scratch.
  • Create OFX request from scratch.
  • Create OFX response from scratch.

Read and write:

  • Read or write XBRL instance.
  • Read or write iXBRL(inline XBRL).
  • Read or write OFX request.
  • Read or write OFX Response.


  • Convert XBRL instance to iXBRL(inline XBRL).
  • Convert iXBRL(inline XBRL) to XBRL.
  • Convert XBRL instance to to XLSX.
  • Convert iXBRL(inline XBRL) to XLSX.
  • Convert OFX request Version 1 to OFX request.
  • Convert OFX response to OFX response Version 1.


  • Validate XBRL instance.
  • Validate iXBRL(inline XBRL)