Installing Aspose.OCR for C++

Installing Aspose.Ocr.Cpp through NuGet

NuGet is the easiest way to download and install Aspose APIs. Open Microsoft Visual Studio. Select TOOLS menu, goto NuGet Package Manager and select Manage NuGet Packages for solution. Search ‘aspose.ocr.cpp’ keyword. This will find the desired Aspose API. Click on “Install” button, the selected API will be downloaded and referenced in your project.

You can choose Aspose.Ocr.Cpp and Aspose.Ocr.Cpp-GPU versions. Notice that GPU version requires CUDA 10.1 in your system


Install or Update Aspose.Ocr.Cpp using the Package Manager Console

You can follow the steps below to install or upgrade the Aspose.OCR API using the package manager console: Open your solution/project in Visual Studio. Select TOOLS -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console from the top menu. This will open the package manager console.


Type the command “Install-Package Aspose.Ocr.Cpp -Version x.x.0” and press enter to install the latest full release into your application.


If you are not familiar with the Aspose EULA then it is a good idea to read the license referenced in the URL.

In the package manager console, you can use the command Update-Package Aspose.Ocr.Cpp and press enter to check for any updates to the Aspose.Ocr.Cpp package and install them if present.

Referencing the Component

To use any component in your application, you must add a reference to it. The following steps assume that you use Visual Studio 2019 C++ project.

  • Download package from [Aspose.OCR for C++ download page] Unzip archive. Put lib and include folders into your project.

  • Right-click the project’s Properties node and select Linker/Input. In the field Additional dependencies write Aspose.Ocr.Cpp.lib


  • Select Linker/General and in the field Additional Library Directories select path to the lib/x64 folder


  • Select C/C++/General and in the field Additional Include Directories select path to the include folder


  • Additionally, you have to install dependencies packages from nuget (for example for Aspose.Ocr.Cpp 20.11.0 version you have to install Microsoft.ML.OnnxRuntime 1.3.0

  • Notice that GPU version requires CUDA in your system.

  • Write #include "aspose_ocr.h" in your code.