Finding character bounding boxes

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Aspose.OCR for .NET can perform character-by-character recognition and automatically detect bounding boxes of each recognized character using Aspose.OCR.AsposeOcr.RecognizeCharacters method.

The method returns a list of Aspose.OCR.CharacterRecognitionResult objects containing each recognized character along with its coordinates in each image.

Property Type Description
Characters List<Aspose.OCR.Character> A list of recognized characters and their coordinates (top-left corner, width and height).
ImageIndex int Sequence number of the image on the page. When working with single-page images, this value is always 0.
Page int Page number. When working with single-page images, this value is always 0.
Source string The full path or URL of the source file. If the file is provided as a MemoryStream object, an array of pixels, or a Base64 string, this value will be empty.


The following code example shows how to detect characters in an image:

Aspose.OCR.AsposeOcr recognitionEngine = new Aspose.OCR.AsposeOcr();
// Add an image to the recognition batch
Aspose.OCR.OcrInput source = new Aspose.OCR.OcrInput(Aspose.OCR.InputType.SingleImage);
// Detect and recognize characters
List<Aspose.OCR.CharacterRecognitionResult> result = recognitionEngine.RecognizeCharacters(source, Aspose.OCR.DetectAreasMode.COMBINE)
// Output recognized characters
foreach(Aspose.OCR.Character c in result[0].Characters)
	Console.WriteLine($@"Found character ""{c.Value}"" by coordinates: left - {c.Coordinates.X} | top - {c.Coordinates.Y} | width - {c.Coordinates.Width} | height - {c.Coordinates.Height}");