Logging recognition events

Aspose.OCR for .NET can show recognition progress in the console or log it to a file. The logging is activated with a static Aspose.OCR.Logging class. You can use the following properties to activate logging and specify its parameters:

Property Type Description
Aspose.OCR.Logging.Console bool Set to true to enable the display of recognition progress in the console.
Aspose.OCR.Logging.FileSystem bool Set to true to write recognition progress to a file specified in Aspose.OCR.Logging.LogFilePath property.
Aspose.OCR.Logging.LogFilePath string Specify an absolute or relative path to the log file. Applicable only when the Aspose.OCR.Logging.FileSystem property is set to true.
Aspose.OCR.Logging.LoggingLevel Aspose.OCR.LoggingLevel Specify the log severity. See Log severity levels for details.

Log severity levels

You can configure the log severity by specifying one of the following values in Aspose.OCR.Logging.LoggingLevel property:

Severity Value Description
Aspose.OCR.LoggingLevel.Error 2 Error events of considerable importance that will affect normal program execution.
Aspose.OCR.LoggingLevel.Warning 1 Potentially harmful situations that might still allow the application to continue running.
Aspose.OCR.LoggingLevel.Debug 0 Detailed trace messages useful for application developers.
Aspose.OCR.LoggingLevel.None 3 No logging. Works the same as turning off logging with Aspose.OCR.Logging.Console and Aspose.OCR.Logging.FileSystem parameters.