Saving recognition results as a file

To save recognition results to a file or write them to the memory stream, use Save method of Aspose.OCR.RecognitionResult object.

The following file formats are supported:

Format Description
Aspose.OCR.SaveFormat.Text Plain text with line breaks.
Aspose.OCR.SaveFormat.Pdf Portable Document Format.
Aspose.OCR.SaveFormat.Docx Microsoft Word document (version 2007 or later).
Aspose.OCR.SaveFormat.Xlsx Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (version 2007 or later).
Aspose.OCR.SaveFormat.Json JSON is a popular format widely used in software development and data exchange. The de facto standard for websites and REST APIs.
Aspose.OCR.SaveFormat.Xml Extensible Markup Language (XML), a universal data exchange and storage format for most systems.
Aspose.OCR.SaveFormat.HTML HTML web page.
Aspose.OCR.SaveFormat.EPUB ePub, a popular e-book file format.
Aspose.OCR.SaveFormat.RTF RTF, a universal format for exchanging text documents between different word processing programs.

You can optionally enable automatic spelling corrections for recognition results and provide a custom dictionary.

Saving recognition results as a multi-page document

You can merge several recognition results into one document using SaveMultipageDocument method of Aspose.OCR.AsposeOcr class. This can be useful for recognizing books, contracts, articles, and other printouts consisting of multiple pages, as well as for batch recognition.