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What formats does Aspose.PDF for .NET support?

Aspose.PDF for .NET supports popular file formats such as PDF, TXT, HTML, PCL, XML, XPS, EPUB, TEX, and image formats. For more details, please visit the page Supported File Formats

How to convert files to and from PDFs?

Converting PDFs document with Aspose.PDF for .NET is very easy. Our company provides many features for converting various file formats into PDF documents and converting PDF files into various output formats.You can see the full list in the Converting section.

How many files can I combine to PDF at once?

You can merge an unlimited number of files into PDF at once.

How to Insert Image into PDF?

We have two solutions to this problem for you. First and simple way: you can use AddImage method of the PdfFileMend class. Check this And the second option is adding Image to Existing PDF File with the Page method . link and you will see a code snippet that shows how to add an image to a PDF file.

How to edit the text in PDF?

Aspose.PDF for .NET offers the ability to add line indent, add text border, add underline text, apply gradient shading to the text, and other useful features. You can check all of them here.

Add page numbers to PDF file

You can use the PageNumber Stamp class to add a page number stamp in a PDF file. PageNumber Stamp class provides properties necessary to create a page number based stamp like format, margins, alignments, starting number, etc. All details you can see here.

How to Create a Background for PDF Documents?

Background images can be used to add a watermark, or other subtle design, to documents. In Aspose.PDF for .NET, each PDF document is a collection of pages and each page contains a collection of artifacts. The BackgroundArtifact class can be used to add a background image to a page object. Follow the link to show an example of code for adding a background.

PDF File Security: How to Secure PDF File or a Document?

Aspose.PDF for .NET allows you to set privileges on an existing PDF file. You can use the Encrypt method of the Document object to encrypt a PDF file. Also, you can decrypt PDF files using the owner’s password or change the password of a PDF file. For more details visit the documentation page.

Where are your .NET Examples?

You can check all of them on GitHub.