Advanced operations

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Advanced Operations is a section about how to deals with existing PDF files programatically, be they documents created with Aspose.PDF as discussed in Basic Operations, or PDFs created with Adobe Acrobat, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Open Office or any other PDF producer.

You’ll learn different ways to:

  • Working with Documents - compress, split, and merge documents and make other operations with the whole document
  • Working with Pages - add, move or remove, crop pages, add watermarks, stamps
  • Working with Text - add, format, search and replace text in PDF
  • Working with Images - insert, remove, extract image in document
  • Working with Tables - insert, decorate table in PDF, extract tabular data
  • Working with Forms - deal with interact PDF documents, add formfields, extract data
  • Working with Graphs - manipulate with shapes on the page
  • Working with XML - construct PDF documents based on the XML structure
  • Navigation and Interaction - deal with actions, bookmarks, navigate pages
  • Annotations - Annotations allow users to add custom content on PDF pages. You can add, delete and modify the annotation from the PDF documents.
  • Artifacts - deal with watermarks and other special objects in PDF
  • Accessibility. Tagged PDF - Tagging is essential for PDF accessibility. Aspose.PDF allows to add tags into PDF and establish logical reading order and to provide a means for indicating structure and type.
  • Attachments - PDF documents may contain file attachments. These attachments can be other PDF documents, or any kind of file, like audio files, Microsoft Office documents etc. You will learn how to add attachments to pdf, get the information of an attachment, and save it to file, delete the attachment from PDF programmatically with C#.
  • Metadata in PDFs - get or set meta data in documents, dealing with XMP data.
  • Securing and Signing - protect and sign your PDF document programmatically
  • Printing Document - print PDFs in various types of applications (WinForms, WPF, etc.)
  • Operators - make low-level operations in PDF