Supported File Formats

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The following table indicates the file formats that Aspose.PDF for .NET can load and Save.

PDFPortable Document Formatticktick   
CGMComputer Graphics Metafile for 2D vector graphicstick  
EPUBEbook file formatticktick 
HTMLHTML Formatticktick 
TeXLaTex typesetting file formatticktick 
MHTMHTML Documenttick  
PCLPrinter Control Language Filestick  
PSPostscript Filestick  
SVGScalable Vector Graphics (An XML-based vector image format)ticktick 
XMLXML Formatticktick 
XPSXPS Documentsticktick 
XSLFOXSL-FO is part of XSL file which is used for the transformation and formatting of XML datatick  
MDMarkdown Formattick  
XLSSaves the document in the Microsoft Excel SpreadSheet tick 
XLSXSaves the document in the Microsoft Excel 2007 format tick 
PPTXSaves the document in the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations format tick 
DOCSaves the document in the Microsoft Word format tick 
DOCXSaves the document in the Microsoft Word format tick 
MobiXMLSaves the document in eBook MobiXML Standard format tick 
JPEGSaves the document in JPEG Format tick 
EMFEnhanced metafile format (EMF) tick 
PNGSaves the document in PNG Format tick 
BMPSaves the document in BMP Format tick 
GIFGraphic Interchange Format tick 
TIFFSaves the document as Single or Multi-Page TIFF Image tick 
TextSave the document int Text Format tick