Extensible Metadata Platform - XMP


A PDF file goes through many stages during its life time. We create a PDF document and then pass it on to other people or departments for further processing. However, during this process we need to keep track of different aspects of the changes made. XMP serves this purpose of keeping track of the changes or other information about the data in the file.


In order to manipulate XMP using Aspose.Pdf.Facades, we will use PdfXmpMetadata class. We will use this class to manipulate predefined Meta data properties.PdfXmpMetadata class adds these properties to a PDF file. It also helps to open and save PDF files in which we’re adding Meta data. So, using PdfXmpMetadata class, we can easily manipulate XMP in a PDF file. Following code snippet will help you understand how to use PdfXmpMetadata class to work with XMP: