Convert Image to PSD Format


It’s a frequently asked question: How to convert Png, Jpeg, Ai, Tiff Image to PSD?

The main issue is that PSD Format contains a lot of Metadata and Layers and direct conversion not always have a sense. Sometimes it’s better to Add Image as a Layer. But other case is to make PSD Background Layer. All of these cases are supported by Aspose.PSD.

Specific convert cases

If you are looking for specific and powerful convert features, you can look at the following articles:

  • Jpg to PSD
  • Png to PSD
  • Tiff to PSD
  • AI to PSD

Helpful business cases

This Aspose.PSD you can make Web Service that allows your users to convert any format to PSD. For example, groups of users are working on the same graphic file. It can be some Graphic Asset, Game Field, multi-layer map, or Pixel-Art Tiles. Different users make different parts of file. In this case, once a day they need to combine done work together to overview it. Your automation can collect all-new Graphic Assets and put it to one PSD File with the Layer Adding, then you can save your PSD file as png and another day you create a new PSD file from your Png. It can help you to keep track of your progress every day.