Converting PSD Image To Raster Format using C#


Aspose.PSD allows converting PSD and PSB formats to JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, PDF, GIF and BMP formats

You can convert PSD files on your server with Aspose.PSD without Photoshop. It’s a good replacement for Adobe Photoshop scripting because the EULA of Adobe forbids using App on a server and change its UI. But with PSD Format SDK you can make a batch convert of PSD Files. Your PSD format export can be pixel-perfect with the Read-Only mode, or you can change layers, texts, effects, and then make export.

Specific examples of Export of PSD to Raster Formats

Exporting PSD image to various raster file formats

Below provided sample code demonstrates how to convert PSD to several raster file formats.