Psd file

Features of Aspose.PSD

Aspose.PSD supports all sections of the Adobe Photoshop PSD file format. You can read full overview of PSD File Format and its Features


Aspose.PSD supports all sections of PSD Format.

1. PSD and PSB Headers in File Header

2. Most popular Color Modes

3. Big amount of Global Image Resources

4. All types of Layers and Mask* and their internal resources and rendering PSD file after the changes

5. Low-level manipulation API for Image Data including different compression algorithms


Aspose.PSD is the most complete PSD Format Manipulation SDK.

You can also read why it’s better to use Aspose Components instead of others:

Why not Adobe Photoshop SDK


PSD Format Documentation

The documentation contains information and examples for all PSD Sections.

File Header

Color Mode Data

Image Resources

Layer and Mask Information

Overview of Layers and Mask Information Section

Editing of Rater Layer Mask

List of Supported Layer Resources

Supported PSD Layers Types:

  • Base PSD Layer
  • Text Layers
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Fill Layers
  • Smart Objects

Image Data

This section contains Adobe Photoshop Layer Data