Convert PSD to PNG using C#

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Aspose.PSD is a PSD Format SDK and C# .NET Photoshop Manipulation API, that can convert from PSD format to PNG Format.

For this PSD conversion you should use the following C# code:

Below provided sample code demonstrates how to convert PSD to Png:

You can specify the Png Format compression level from 0 to 9, where 9 is the highest compression. You can use Png Progressive compression and change the Color Type of the Png File.Png Options have different properties for any cases of PSD Export.

Using the Semitransparent Png with Alpha channel for your site or work is a good solution. Adobe Photoshop file can be pixel-perfect exported with Read-Only Mode

Here the example of an exported PSD file with the Applied Mask, Layer with Text, and Transparent Fill Color Layer (Aspose.PSD support all types of the Adobe Photoshop Fill Layer). Also, you can see the shadow effect on the PSD Shape Layer.