PSD Convert between different Color Modes

You can learn supported color modes of Aspose.PSD from this article.

Aspose.PSD, for example, supports conversion from 8 to 16 bit per pixel and vice versa. CMYK ICC-Profile conversions and other conversation from one type bit depth to other one. Here you can see examples of how to convert to Grayscale in PSD File.

Convert from CMYK, RGB, Grayscale to Grayscale Color Mode

Below provided sample code demonstrates how to make CMYK, RGB, or Grayscale conversion without Photoshop.

16-bit photoshop image to 8-bit grayscale mode

But what if you need to convert 16-bit Grayscale Photoshop image to 8-bit grayscale mode? You need to use the following code snippet. 8 bits is a common bit depth in PSD Files.

Convert Grayscale to RGB

The other complex case if you need to convert Grayscale PSD Image to RGB Image.

Grayscale images have only one channel, but RGB images have 3 channels: R - red, G - green, B - blue. Aspose.PSD can convert Grayscale to RGB.