Custom Font in C++

Load Custom Fonts

Aspose.Slides allows you to load fonts that are rendered in presentations without having to install those fonts. The fonts are loaded from a custom directory.

  1. Create an instance of the FontsLoader class and call the FontsLoader::LoadExternalFonts method.
  2. Load the presentation that will be rendered.
  3. Clear the cache in the FontsLoader class.

This C++ code demonstrates the font loading process:

const String fontPath = u"../templates/";
const String outPath = u"../out/UseCustomFonts_out.pptx";
const String templatePath = u"../templates/DefaultFonts.pptx";

// Sets the fonts path
ArrayPtr<String> folders = System::MakeObject<Array<String>>(1, fontPath);

// Loads the custom font directory fonts

// Do some work and perform presentation/slide rendering
SharedPtr<Presentation> pres = MakeObject<Presentation>(templatePath);
pres->Save(outPath, Export::SaveFormat::Pptx);

// Clears Font Cache

Get Custom Fonts Folder

Aspose.Slides provides FontsLoader::GetFontFolders() to allow you to find font folders. This method returns folders added through the LoadExternalFonts method and system font folders.

This C++ code shows you how to use FontsLoader::GetFontFolders() method:

// This line outputs the folders that are checked for font files.
// Those are folders added through the LoadExternalFonts method and system font folders.
auto fontFolders = FontsLoader::GetFontFolders();

Specify Custom Fonts Used With Presentation

Aspose.Slides provides the LoadOptions::set_DocumentLevelFontSources property to allow you to specify external fonts that will be used with the presentation.

This C++ code shows you how to use the LoadOptions::set_DocumentLevelFontSources property:

auto memoryFont1 = File::ReadAllBytes(u"customfonts\\CustomFont1.ttf");
auto memoryFont2 = File::ReadAllBytes(u"customfonts\\CustomFont2.ttf");

auto loadOptions = System::MakeObject<LoadOptions>();
loadOptions->get_DocumentLevelFontSources()->set_FontFolders(System::MakeArray<String>({u"assets\\fonts", u"global\\fonts"}));
loadOptions->get_DocumentLevelFontSources()->set_MemoryFonts(System::MakeArray<ArrayPtr<uint8_t>>({memoryFont1, memoryFont2}));
    auto presentation = System::MakeObject<Presentation>(u"MyPresentation.pptx", loadOptions);
    //work with the presentation
    //CustomFont1, CustomFont2 as well as fonts from assets\fonts & global\fonts folders and their subfolders are available to the presentation

Manage Fonts Externally

Aspose.Slides provides the FontsLoader::LoadExternalFont method to allow you to load external fonts into a byte array.

This C++ code demonstrates the byte array font loading process:

// The path to the documents directory
const String outPath = u"../out/SpecifyFontsUsedWithPresentation.pptx";
const String templatePath = u"../templates/AccessSlides.pptx";

ArrayPtr<String> fontsLocation =  MakeArray<System::String>({ u"assets\\fonts", u"global\\fonts" });// ;
ArrayPtr<ArrayPtr<uint8_t>> memoryfontsLocation = MakeArray < ArrayPtr<uint8_t>>({ File::ReadAllBytes(u"../templates/CustomFont1.ttf"), File::ReadAllBytes(u"../templates/CustomFont2.ttf") });

SharedPtr < Aspose::Slides::LoadOptions > loadOptions = MakeObject <Aspose::Slides::LoadOptions>();

SharedPtr<Presentation> pres = MakeObject<Presentation>(templatePath, loadOptions);