Embedded Font

Embedded fonts in PowerPoint are useful when you want your presentation to appear correctly when opened on any system or device. If you used a third-party or non-standard font because you got creative with your work, then you have even more reasons to embed your font. Otherwise (without embedded fonts), the texts or numbers on your slides, the layout, styling, etc. may change or turn into confusing rectangles.

The FontsManager class, FontData class, Compress class, and their interfaces contain most of the properties and methods you need to work with embedded fonts in PowerPoint presentations.

Get or Remove Embedded Fonts from Presentation

Aspose.Slides provides the GetEmbeddedFonts() method (exposed by the FontsManager class) to allow you to get (or find out) the fonts embedded in a presentation. To remove fonts, the RemoveEmbeddedFont() method (exposed by the same class) is used.

This C++ code shows you how to get and remove embedded fonts from a presentation:

// Instantiates a Presentation object that represents a presentation file
auto presentation = System::MakeObject<Presentation>(u"EmbeddedFonts.pptx");
// Renders a slide containing a text frame that uses embedded "FunSized"
presentation->get_Slides()->idx_get(0)->GetThumbnail(Size(960, 720))->Save(u"picture1_out.png", ImageFormat::get_Png());

auto fontsManager = presentation->get_FontsManager();

// Gets all embedded fonts
auto embeddedFonts = fontsManager->GetEmbeddedFonts();

std::function<bool(SharedPtr<IFontData>)> comparer = [](SharedPtr<IFontData> data) -> bool
    return data->get_FontName() == u"Calibri";

// Finds the "Calibri" font
auto funSizedEmbeddedFont = Array<SharedPtr<IFontData>>::Find(embeddedFonts, comparer);

// Removes "Calibri" font

// Renders the presentation; "Calibri" font is replaced with an existing one
presentation->get_Slides()->idx_get(0)->GetThumbnail(Size(960, 720))->Save(u"picture2_out.png", ImageFormat::get_Png());

// Saves the presentation without embedded "Calibri" font to disk
presentation->Save(u"WithoutManageEmbeddedFonts_out.ppt", SaveFormat::Ppt);

Add Embedded Fonts to Presentation

Using the EmbedFontCharacters enum and two overloads of the AddEmbeddedFont() method, you can select your preferred (embedding) rule to embed the fonts in a presentation. This C++ code shows you how to embed and add fonts to a presentation:

// Loads the presentation
auto presentation = System::MakeObject<Presentation>(u"Fonts.pptx");

// Loads the source font to be replaced
auto sourceFont = System::MakeObject<FontData>(u"Arial");

auto allFonts = presentation->get_FontsManager()->GetFonts();
auto embeddedFonts = presentation->get_FontsManager()->GetEmbeddedFonts();

for (SharedPtr<IFontData> font : allFonts)
    std::function<bool(SharedPtr<IFontData> data)> comparer = [&font](SharedPtr<IFontData> data) -> bool
        return data == font;

    bool isEmbeddedFont = Array<SharedPtr<IFontData>>::Exists(embeddedFonts, comparer);
    if (!isEmbeddedFont)
        presentation->get_FontsManager()->AddEmbeddedFont(font, EmbedFontCharacters::All);

// Saves the presentation to disk
presentation->Save(u"AddEmbeddedFont_out.pptx", SaveFormat::Pptx);

Compress Embedded Fonts

To allow you to compress the fonts embedded in a presentation and reduce its file size, Aspose.Slides provides the CompressEmbeddedFonts() method (exposed by the Compress class).

This C++ code shows you how to compress embedded PowerPoint fonts:

auto pres = System::MakeObject<Presentation>(u"pres.pptx");

pres->Save(u"pres-out.pptx", Aspose::Slides::Export::SaveFormat::Pptx);