Font Substitution

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Aspose.Slides allows you to set rules for fonts that determines what must be done in certain conditions (for example, when a font cannot be accessed) this way:

  1. Load the relevant presentation.
  2. Load the font that will be replaced.
  3. Load the new font.
  4. Add a rule for the replacement.
  5. Add the rule to the presentation font replacement rule collection.
  6. Generate the slide image to observe the effect.

This C++ code demonstrates the font substitution process:

// The path to the documents directory.
const String outPath = u"../out/RuleBasedFontsReplacement_out.pptx";
const String templatePath = u"../templates/DefaultFonts.pptx";

// Loads a presentation
SharedPtr<Presentation> pres = MakeObject<Presentation>(templatePath);

// Defines the font that will be replaced and the new font
SharedPtr<IFontData> sourceFont = MakeObject<FontData>(u"SomeRareFont");
SharedPtr<IFontData> destFont = MakeObject<FontData>(u"Arial");
// Adds a font rule for font replacement
SharedPtr<FontSubstRule> fontSubstRule = MakeObject<FontSubstRule>(sourceFont, destFont, FontSubstCondition::WhenInaccessible);

// Adds the rule to font substitute rules collection
SharedPtr<FontSubstRuleCollection> fontSubstRuleCollection = MakeObject<FontSubstRuleCollection>();

// Adds the font rule collection to the rule list
pres->get_FontsManager()->set_FontSubstRuleList ( fontSubstRuleCollection);

// Saves PPTX to disk
pres->Save(outPath, Aspose::Slides::Export::SaveFormat::Pptx);