Presentation Notes

Aspose.Slides supports removing notes slides from a presentation. In this topic, we will introduce this new feature of removing Notes also adding notes style slides from any presentation. Aspose.Slides for .NET provides the feature of removing notes of any slide as well as add style to existing notes. Developers can remove notes in the following ways:

  • Remove Notes of a Specific Slide of a presentation.
  • Remove Notes of All Slides of a Presentation.

Remove Notes from Slide

Notes of some specific slide could be removed as shown in the example below:

Remove Notes from All Slides

Notes of all the slides of a presentation could be removed as shown in the example below:

Add NotesStyle

NotesStyle property has been added to IMasterNotesSlide interface and MasterNotesSlide class respectively. This property specifies the style of a notes text.  The implementation is demonstrated in the example below.