Creating Resource Assignments

Resource assignments linking tasks and resources. This article explains how to create one using Aspose.Tasks for Java.

Creating Resource Assignments

The Resource class exposes two different ways of creating a resource assignment, either using the default constructor or by passing a task and resource.

Programming Sample: Adding ResourceAssignment to Project directly The following code sample adds a Resource Assignment to the project without instantiating its object.

1// For complete examples and data files, please go to
2// The path to the documents directory.
3String dataDir = Utils.getDataDir(CreateResourceAssignments.class);
4Project project = new Project();
5Task task = project.getRootTask().getChildren().add("Task");
7Resource rsc = project.getResources().add("Rsc");
9ResourceAssignment assn = project.getResourceAssignments().add(task, rsc);

Read Shared Resource Assignments

The shared assignments are assignments of the specific resource to tasks in other projects when the current project uses a resource from a resource pool. Using Aspose.Tasks, the shared assignments can be read from MPP and taken into account when Peak\Overallocated properties are calculated. The following code example demonstrates how to read shared resource assignments.

1// suppose "test.mpp" contains resource from resource pool and assignments from other projects
2Project project = new Project(dataDir + "test.mpp");
3Resource resource = project.getResources().getByUid(1);
4// Units are calculated using assignments from other projects.
5Double units = resource.get(Rsc.PEAK_UNITS); 
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