Working with Outline Codes in a Project

Custom outline codes are tags you define for tasks or resources that provide a project structure that is different from WBS codes or outline numbers. Aspose.Tasks for .NET lets you retrieve these outline codes and their properties, such as Alias, AllLevelsRequired, Enterprise, EnterpriseOutlineCodeAlias, FieldId, FieldName, PhoneticAlias, Guid, Masks and Values.

Reading Outline Codes

The Project class exposes OutlineCodes which is a collection of OutlineCodeDefinition items. The OutlineCodeDefinition provides all the detail as shown in the following sample code.

The following lines of code retrieve a project’s outline code information.

Check Outline Code Id Uniqueness

While working with OutlineCode, Aspose.Tasks shall check the uniqueness of the Outline Code Id and duplicate Ids will be replaced with unique values.