Installing and Using Aspose Project Wizard for NetBeans - Maven


Installing Aspose.Total Java for NetBeans (Maven) plugin

The Aspose Maven Project Wizard plugin can be directly downloaded from NetBeans plugin portal website, and then can be installed in NetBeans IDE (using Tools > Plugins > Downloaded > Add plugin).

But as this plugin is also available on the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center. For more convenient installation of this plugin

  1. Use ‘Tools > Plugins‘ action from the NetBeans IDE main menu
  2. Click ‘Available Plugins‘ Tab and type ‘Aspose‘ in search box. As shown below:


  1. Select ‘Aspose Maven Project Wizard‘ plugin and click Install
  2. Accept license agreement – MIT License for this plugin and Click Install.
  3. This will trigger installation of the plugin and you may be asked to ‘Continue‘ and also ‘Finish‘ the installation after which you can start using the plugin in NetBeans IDE without any restarts. 

The Plugin will introduce a new project type –


Aspose Maven Project – inside ‘Maven’ category on New Project (Wizards) dialog in NetBeans, which will allow you to create Aspose Maven based Java projects inside the IDE.



Creating Aspose’s Maven Project using plugin’s - Aspose Maven Project Wizard

The Wizard allows developers to create Maven based project for using Aspose.Total for Java API inside NetBeans IDE. The desired Aspose.Total for Java APIs can be selected on wizards steps to include the maven dependencies in your creating maven based project

  1. Select New Project from NetBeans File menu
  2. Under Maven category of Wizards, select ‘Aspose Maven Project’
  3. Click Next
  4. Provide a Project Name and Location just like when creating any Java application.
  5. Also provide Group Id, Artifact Id, Version and Package (optional field) for your maven project and click Next
  6. Select Aspose API(s) from the list.


  1. Click Finish. This will retrieve the selected Aspose APIs latest maven dependencies references from Aspose Cloud Maven Repository

Congratulations! you have successfully created Aspose maven based project for your selected Aspose APIs using Aspose Maven Project wizard inside the NetBeans IDE.

One cool thing, every time you create Maven project using the wizard will create maven project containing latest maven dependencies for the selected Aspose APIs along with the Aspose Cloud Maven Repository configuration in the pom.xml. See the snapshot below:


Thanks to Aspose Maven Project wizard Plugin !

Now the created Aspose maven based project is ready to be enhanced as per your project’s development needs inside the NetBeans IDE !