Product Overview

Product Description

Rich Set of Features

Aspose.Words for Android via Java features can be divided into four main areas:

  • Conversions. High quality conversions to and from DOC, OOXML, RTF, WordprocessingML, HTML, MHTML, TXT and OpenDocument formats.
  • Document Object Model. Programmatic access through a rich API to all document elements and formatting allows to create, modify, extract, copy, split, join, and replace document content.
  • Rendering. Convert whole documents or pages to PDF, XPS or SWF. Also convert document pages to TIFF, PNG or BMP images, print or render pages to a Canvas object. All with high fidelity - exactly like Microsoft Word® would have done it.
  • Reporting. Generate documents or reports from scratch or by filling templates with data from data sources or business objects.

Platform Independence

Aspose.Words for Android via Java can be used wherever the Android Runtime environment is installed. Aspose.Words for Android via Java is available for Java SE 5, 6 and 7 and will run on Android systems running Android OS 2.0 or greater. This means almost all Android developers can use Aspose.Words for Android via Java to enrich their applications.

Performance and Scalability

Aspose.Words for Android via Java is a single JAR archive that can be deployed with any Android application by simply copying it to the device and adding it to the build path. You do not have to worry about any other services or modules. You can literally generate thousands of documents in minutes with Aspose.Words for Android via Java and that involves opening a document, modifying content and formatting or populating it with data and saving it.

Aspose.Words for Android via Java is multithread safe as long as only one thread works on a document at a time. It is a typical scenario to have one thread working on one document. Different threads can safely work on different documents at the same time.

Minimal Learning Curve

Although there are over 150 public classes and enumerations in Aspose.Words for Android via Java, the learning curve is minimal because the Aspose.Words for Android via Java API has been carefully designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Borrow best practices from other well-known APIs such as Microsoft Word Automation.
  • Borrow best practices from the industry accepted Java and Android design guidelines.
  • Provide a balance of easy usage vs detailed document element manipulation.

At the same time, Aspose.Words for Android via Java is quite different from the Microsoft Word Object Model in that it represents the document as a tree of objects more like an XML DOM tree. If you worked with any XML DOM library you will find it is easy to understand and work with Aspose.Words for Android via Java.

System Requirements

Aspose.Words for Android via Java is platform independent and can be used on any platform where Android Runtime environment is installed and will run on Android systems running Android OS 2.0 or greater. At present, the component has been tested with:

  • Android 4.2 v 17