Choose the Platform and Interoperability Technology

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Programming Language Aspose.Words to Use Interoperability Technology
ASP .NET COM Interop
ColdFusion .NET ColdFusion .NET extension
  Java ColdFusion
Delphi .NET COM Interop
JScript .NET COM Interop
Perl .NET COM Interop
  Java Inline::Java
PHP .NET COM Interop
  Java Java Bridge
PowerBuilder .NET COM Interop
Python .NET COM Interop
  Java JPype
VBScript .NET COM Interop
Visual Basic .NET COM Interop
From the above table you can see that for some programming languages it is possible to use either Aspose.Words for .NET or Aspose.Words for Java. The following table can help you choose:
Scenario Comments
Aspose.Words for .NET via COM Interop

Consider the following:

- Available on Microsoft Windows platforms only.

- Cannot call static methods.

- Hard to call overloaded methods (suffixes added to names).

- Hard to use enumerated values (need to look up and use a constant value).

- Cannot invoke constructors with parameters.

Aspose.Words for Java via Java Bridge or Inline::Java

Consider the following:

- Available on any platform where Java is available.

- Can call static methods, constructors with parameters, overloaded methods and use enumerated values.