Aspose.Words Features Missing in Docx4j

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As already described in previous articles, there are operations with documents that are faster and more conveniently to perform using Aspose.Words than docx4j. But there are also operations that are not provided by docx4j. You can try to achieve the desired result using auxiliary tools and options, but even if successful, it will be quite expensive.

The following table contains some of the popular features supported by Aspose.Words and missed in docx4j:

Aspose.Words feature Corresponding documentation article or section
Convert between different document formats. For example, Word to PDF, HTML to Markdown, DOCX to JPG, PDF to Word, Image to PDF, and others The “Convert a Document” section
Mail Merge The ”Mail Merge and Reporting” section
Rendering The ”Rendering” section
Join multiple documents, including combine formatting of documents when importing content The “Insert and Append Documents” article
Find and Replace The “Find and Replace” article
Manipulate tables The “Working with Tables” section
Manipulate form fields The “Working with Form Fields” article

The table is not complete, so you can check our documentation for the feature you are interested in.

In the child articles, we also provide a few examples of how various popular features can be implemented using Aspose.Words.