Specify Save Options

When saving a document, you can set some advanced properties. Aspose.Words provides you with the SaveOptions class, which allows more precise control of the save process. There are overloads of the Save method that accept a SaveOptions object – it should be an object of a class derived from the SaveOptions class. Each save format has a corresponding class that holds save options for this save format, for example, there is PdfSaveOptions for saving to PDF format, MarkdownSaveOptions for saving to Markdown format, or ImageSaveOptions for saving to an image. This article provides examples of working with some options classes derived from SaveOptions.

The following code example shows how to set the save options before saving the document into HTML:

The article describes a few properties you can control when saving a document.

Encrypt a Document With a Password

Use the Password property to get or set a password for an encrypted document. Use the Password property of the corresponding class to work with the selected document format.

For example, when saving a document to DOC or DOT format, use the Password property of the DocSaveOptions class.

The following code example shows how to set a password to encrypt a document using the RC4 encryption method:

When saving a document to ODT format, use the Password property of the OdtSaveOptions class.

The following code example shows how to load and save OpenDocument encrypted with a password:

Not all formats support encryption and the use of Password property.

Show Document Saving Progress Notifications

Aspose.Words provides the ability to use the ProgressCallback property to get notifications about the progress of document saving.

It is now available when saving to DOCX, FlatOpc, DOCM, DOTM, DOTX, HTML, MHTML, EPUB, XamlFlow, XamlFlowPack, or TXT formats.

Update the Document Creation Time

Aspose.Words provides an ability to use the CreatedTime property to get or set the document creation date in UTC. You can also update this value before saving using the UpdateCreatedTimeProperty option.

The following code example shows how to update the document creation time:

Update Last Saved Property

Aspose.Words provides an ability to use the UpdateLastSavedTimeProperty property to get or set a value determining whether the LastSavedTime property is updated before saving.

The following code example shows how to set this property and save the document:

Save Black and White Image with One Bit Per Pixel Format

To control image saving options, the ImageSaveOptions class is used. For example, you can use the PixelFormat property to set the pixel format for the generated images. Please note that the pixel format of the output image may differ from the set value because of the work of GDI+.

The following code example shows how to save a black and white image with one bit per pixel format: