Specify Layout Options

Aspose.Words enables you to create output documents with various layouts, depending on the parameters specified in properties of the LayoutOptions class. Some of these properties resemble some of the Microsoft Word user interface menu options – they will be described in this article.

For a complete list of parameters such as ContinuousSectionPageNumberingRestart to calculate page numbers in a continuous section that restarts page numbering, or IgnorePrinterMetrics to ignore the “Use printer metrics to lay out document” compatibility option, see the LayoutOptions class page.

Formatting Marks

Aspose.Words allows to manage formatting marks using the following properties:

  • ShowHiddenText – a Boolean value, which specifies whether the hidden text is rendered.
  • ShowParagraphMarks – a Boolean value, which specifies whether paragraph mark characters are rendered.

The page depicted in the example below contains three paragraphs. The second one is hidden. A user can change the ShowHiddenText option to display this hidden text on the page. Also, each paragraph has a paragraph mark at the end. The paragraph mark usually is not visible unless the ShowParagraphMarks property is set to render it.


In Microsoft Word, these parameters are set using the “File → Options → Display” dialog box as follows:


Comments and Revisions

With Aspose.Words, you can render document comments that will look the same as in Microsoft Word. To specify whether comments are rendered, use the ShowComments property.

In Microsoft Word, this parameter is set using the “Track Changes Options” dialog box, as shown below:


Also, Aspose.Words allows you to display revisions in a document. Use the RevisionOptions property of the LayoutOptions class to define whether the document revisions are displayed. To control their appearance (revision highlighting color, revision bar color, etc.), use the RevisonOptions class.

You can also have revisions displayed as comments to the content. For this purpose, use the CommentDisplayMode property and ShowInBalloons value.

The following code example shows how to customize revisions display:

The image below shows how Aspose.Words renders comments and the Delete revisions:


Text Shaper for Advanced Typography Rendering

The TextShaperFactory property enables you to set the text shaping functionality, as well as the OpenType features support.

Use text shaping for document processing in the following main cases:

  • A document uses Kerning, Numeral Shaping, Numeral Forms, or Ligatures.
  • A document uses Complex Scripts, such as Arabic, Khmer, Thai, etc.