Structured Document Tags or Content Control

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Structured document tags (SDT or content control) allow to embed customer-defined semantics as well as its behavior and appearance into a document.

StructuredDocumentTag can occur in a document in the following places:

  • Block-level – Among paragraphs and tables, as a child of a Body, HeaderFooter, Comment, Footnote or a Shape node.
  • Row-level – Among rows in a table, as a child of a Table node.
  • Cell-level – Among cells in a table row, as a child of a Row node.
  • Inline-level – Among inline content inside, as a child of a Paragraph.
  • Nested inside another StructuredDocumentTag.

Aspose.Words supports the creation of following types of Structured document tags:

  • DropDownList
  • ComboBox 
  • Checkbox 
  • Date 
  • BuildingBlockGallery 
  • Group 
  • Picture 
  • RichText 
  • PlainText