Convert a Document to Excel

Converting documents from one format to another is the flagship feature of Aspose.Words. You can convert documents in any available load format also to XLSX format.

Convert a Document to XLSX

Converting a document to XLSX is a rather complicated process. To save your document to XLSX format using Aspose.Words, use the XlsxSaveOptions class and the new Xlsx element in the SaveFormat enumeration. As mentioned above, you can save the document in any load format supported by Aspose.Words to XLSX.

The following code example shows how to save PDF to XLSX:

doc = aw.Document(docs_base.my_dir + "Pdf Document.pdf") + "BaseConversions.PdfToXlsx.xlsx")

Find and Replace When Saving to XLSX

Also using Aspose.Words, you can find a specific string or regular expression in your document and replace it with the matching one you need. Then you can also save the result to XLSX format.

The following code example shows how to perform find and replace operation and save result to XLSX:

from aspose.words import Document, DocumentBuilder
from aspose.words.replacing import FindReplaceOptions

doc =  Document()

builder = DocumentBuilder(doc)
builder.writeln("Ruby bought a ruby necklace.")

# We can use a "FindReplaceOptions" object to modify the find - and -replace process.
options = FindReplaceOptions()

# Set the "match_case" flag to "True" to apply case sensitivity while finding strings to replace.
# Set the "match_case" flag to "False" to ignore character case while searching for text to replace.
options.match_case = True

doc.range.replace("Ruby", "Jade", options) + "BaseConversions.FindReplaceXlsx.xlsx")

Specify Compression Level When Saving to XLSX

You can also specify the compression level when saving using the CompressionLevel property.

The following code example shows how to specify the compression level when saving to XLSX format:

from aspose.words import Document
from aspose.words.saving import XlsxSaveOptions, CompressionLevel

doc = Document(MY_DIR + "Document.docx")

saveOptions = XlsxSaveOptions()
saveOptions.compression_level = CompressionLevel.MAXIMUM + "BaseConversions.CompressXlsx.xlsx", saveOptions)

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