Deployment and Activation


Aspose.Words for SharePoint performs the following actions during deployment:

  • Installs Aspose.Words.SharePoint.dll into the Global Assembly Cache and adds a SafeControl entry to the web.config file.
  • Installs the feature manifest and other necessary files to the appropriate directories.
  • Registers the feature in the SharePoint database and makes it available for activation at the feature scope.


Aspose.Words for SharePoint is packaged as a web application level feature and can be activated and deactivated on the web application level. During activation, the feature makes some changes to the virtual directory of web application. It:

  • Adds an authorized type entry for the workflow activities provided by Aspose.Words for SharePoint.
  • Adds the conversion settings page to the sitemap file.
  • Copies the necessary resource files to the App_GlobalResources folder in the virtual directory.