Installing Aspose.Words for SharePoint

Aspose.Words for SharePoint is downloadable as archive. This archive contains the following files:

File Description
Aspose.Words.SharePoint.2007.wsp SharePoint 2007/3.0 solution file. Aspose.Words for SharePoint is packaged as a SharePoint solution to facilitate deployment/retraction and feature activation/deactivation across the server farm.
Aspose.Words.SharePoint.2010.wsp A solution file for SharePoint 2010. The setup program automatically detects the installed SharePoint version and uses an appropriate solution file.
Aspose.Words.SharePoint.2013.wsp A solution file for SharePoint 2013
Aspose.Words.SharePoint.2016.wsp A solution file for SharePoint Server 2016
End User License Agreement.html End user license agreement
Aspose.Words for SharePoint API Reference.chm User documentation and API reference in the hypertext format
setup.2007.exe Setup program for SharePoint 2007/3.0
setup.2007.exe.config Setup configuration file for SharePoint 2007/3.0
setup.2010.exe Setup program for SharePoint 2010
setup.2010.exe.config Setup configuration file for SharePoint 2010
setup.2013.exe Setup program for SharePoint 2013
setup.2013.exe.config Setup configuration file for SharePoint 2013
setup.2016.exe Setup program for SharePoint Server 2016
setup.2016.exe.config Setup configuration file for SharePoint Server 2016
Report.xsd Report definition schema file
DataSource.xsd Data source definition schema file

Installation Process

The setup program checks the following conditions before proceeding:

  • One of the supported SharePoint versions is installed.
  • The user has permission to install SharePoint solutions.
  • SharePoint database is online.
  • SharePoint Administration service is started.
  • SharePoint Timer service is started.

Administration service and Timer service are needed because some setup actions rely on a timer job to propagate to all servers in the server farm. To install Aspose.Words for SharePoint:

  1. Unpack to the local drive on the SharePoint server.
  2. Run appropriate version of setup.exe and follow the instructions on the screen.

The setup program performs the following actions:

  1. Check installation prerequisites. Setup will not continue if any check fails.
  2. Display End User License Agreement. The user must accept the agreement in order to proceed.
  3. Display deployment target selection dialog. The user selects web applications where the feature shall be deployed and activated. See the figure below.
  4. Deploy the feature to the server farm.
  5. Activate the feature for the selected web applications and update their virtual directories.
  6. Display a list of web applications where the feature has been deployed and activated.

Deployment target selection dialog



Aspose.Words for SharePoint performs the following actions during deployment:

  • Install Aspose.Words.SharePoint.dll into Global Assembly Cache and add SafeControl entry to the web.config file.
  • Install feature manifest and other necessary files to the appropriate directories.
  • Register the feature in the SharePoint database and make it available for the activation at the feature scope.


Aspose.Words for SharePoint is packaged as a web application level feature and can be activated and deactivated on the web application level. During activation, the feature makes some changes to the virtual directory of web application:

  • Add authorized type entry for the workflow activities provided by Aspose.Words for SharePoint
  • Add conversion settings page to the sitemap file
  • Copy necessary resource files to the App_GlobalResources folder in the virtual directory