SPListQuery Element

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The SPListQuery element contains information about CAML query for retrieving report data from a SharePoint list. Use it with SPDataSource. Use the ListName element to set the name of the list to query. Use the SiteUrl element of the data source to specify sub-site if needed. Set CAML query via the Query element. It is best to wrap the element contents in ![CDATA[]] for readability as CAML query is in XML. The same is true for the ViewFields element. In a CAML query, parameters are substituted by name. An entire element inside the query must match a parameter name listed in the Parameters element. A parameter name must start with “@”.

If CAML query is not specified, all elements in the list are retrieved. CAML queries are executed via Lists.asmx web service so the returned field names are often prefixed with “ows_”. See CAML query schema description on MSDN. The queries are executed recursively, traversing sub-folders of the list. Please note that a bunch of fields is always returned regardless of the ViewFields element. This is the behavior of the SharePoint Lists web service.

Name Cardinality Has Children Description
TableNames 0-1 Yes Describes table names to assign to the tables returned by the query.
ListName 1 No The name of the list from where to retrieve data. It must not be empty.
Query 0-1 No CAML query to get filter and order the list items.
ViewFields 0-1 No Describes which columns to get from the list.
Here is an example of the report with the SPListQuery element:
<Report xmlns="https://www.aspose.com/Words/SharePoint/Reporting" >
                <FieldRef Name='FileLeafRef'/>
                <Value Type='Text'>s</Value>
            <FieldRef Name='FileLeafRef' />
            <FieldRef Name='ID' />