SqlQuery Element

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The SqlQuery element contains information about an SQL query for retrieving report data from a relational database. Use it with SqlDataSource or OleDbDataSource. Command can include parameter placeholders. However, the placeholder syntax is different for SqlDataSource and OleDbDataSource. For SqlDataSource query, use parameter names starting with “ @”. Parameter values are substituted by name. Parameter names must match report parameters described in the Parameters element. See how to use parameter placeholders for SqlDataSource on MSDN.

For OleDbDataSource, use “ ? ” as a parameter placeholder. Parameters are substituted in the order they are listed in the QueryParameters element or in Parameters element if QueryParameters} is missing. See how to use parameter placeholders for {{OleDbDataSource on MSDN.

Name Cardinality Has Children Description
TableNames 0-1 Yes Describes table names to assign to the tables returned by the query.
QueryParameters 0-1 Yes Sets the order of report parameters used in the query.
Command 1 No SQL command to get report data from the data source. It must not be empty.