Split Mesh

Split all Meshes of Scene Per Material

Aspose.3D for Java API has support to split all meshes of a scene into several sub meshes per material. The SplitMesh method will not split a mesh of the scene, if it has been assigned a single material. It can be achieved by using Aspose.3D for Java API.

The code sample below splits all meshes of a scene per material. Each sub mesh shares the same direct data and only differs in indices.

Split a Mesh by Specifying the Material

Aspose.3D for Java API has support to split a mesh by manually specifying the material. The split mesh option creates separate objects and each sub mesh will use only one material.

Split Mesh of Box

This help topic creates a mesh of the box to keep the code comprehensive and short. Developers may construct a mesh manually as narrated in this help topic: Create a 3D Cube Mesh. Furthermore, a box is composed by 6 planes and each plane will become a sub mesh. The code sample below splits a primitive mesh by manually specifying material.