Create smoothing group for mesh

Create Smoothing group for mesh

You can create a VertexElementSmoothingGroup instance by CreateElement method of Mesh, A smoothing group is a group of polygons in a polygon mesh which should appear to form a smooth surface.

Programming Sample

This code example creates a cube mesh, and create a smoothing group instance with manually assigned data.

	//create a cube with 6 faces
	var box = (new Box()).ToMesh();
	//create a smoothing group
	var sg = (VertexElementSmoothingGroup)box.CreateElement(VertexElementType.SmoothingGroup, MappingMode.Polygon, ReferenceMode.Direct);
	//assign data for each polygon 
	sg.SetData(new int[] {0, 0, 0, 1, 2, 3 });
	//save the model to FBX file which support VertexElementSmoothingGroup export.
	var scene = new Scene(box);