Create 3D Mesh and Scene

Create a 3D Cube Mesh

A Mesh is defined by a set of control points and the many n-sided polygons as needed. This article explains how to define a Mesh.

In order to create a Mesh surface, we need to define control points and polygons as follows:

Here’s an example to attach a Phong material to the cube node:

Define the Control Points

A mesh is composed by a set of control points in space, and polygons to describe the mesh surface, to create a mesh, we need to define the control points:


Create Polygons

The control points are not renderable, to make the cube visible, we need to define polygons in each side:

Create Polygons with PolygonBuilder Class

We can also define polygon by vertices with PolygonBuilder class:

Now it’s finished, to make the mesh visible, we need to prepare a node for it.

How to Triangulate a Mesh

Triangulate mesh is useful for game industry because the triangular is the only supported primitive that GPU hardware supports (non-triangular data are triangulated in driver-level, which is inefficient in real-time rendering)

In this example, we triangulate a Mesh by importing FBX file and saved it in FBX format.

Create a 3D Cube Scene

This topic demonstrates how to add Mesh geometry to the 3D scene. The example code places a cube and save 3D scene in the supported file formats.

Create a Cube Node

A node is invisible, but the geometry attached to the node can be rendered.