Manipulate custom properties of a 3D Scene

Add, Retrieve and Remove custom properties of a 3D Object

Developers can Add, retrieve, and remove custom properties of 3D objects. remove_property, get_property, set_property members of 3D objects are a set of short-handed methods to manipulate customized properties of the object. This is the code example to set, retrieve and remove a custom property:


# initialize a scene 

from aspose.threed import Scene
from aspose.threed.entities import Box
from aspose.threed.formats import GLTFSaveOptions, FileFormat

scene = Scene()

# create a Box instance

box = scene.root_node.create_child_node("box", Box())

# add custom property

box.set_property("property-name", "property-value");

box.set_property("property-name2", "property-value2");

# get a custom property by name

property = box.get_property("property-name");

# remove the custom property by name or property instance



# save 3D scene

opt = GLTFSaveOptions(FileFormat.GLTF2)
opt.save_extras = True"test-2.gltf", opt)