New Line in Cells

Aspose.Cells - New Line in Cells

To ensure that text in a cell can be read, explicit line breaks and text wrapping can be applied. Text wrapping turns one line into several in a cell, which explicit line breaks put in breaks exactly where you want them.

To wrap text in a cell, use the Style.setTextWrapped method.


 // Add Text to the First Cell with Explicit Line Breaks

cell.get(0, 0).setValue("I am using \nthe latest version of \nAspose.Cells \nto test this functionality");

//Get Cell's Style

Style style = cell.get(0, 0).getStyle();

//Set Text Wrap property to true


//Set Cell's Style

cell.get(0, 0).setStyle(style);

Apache POI SS - HSSF XSSF - New Line in Cells

CellStyle.setWrapText should be true for wrapped text.


 Row row = sheet.createRow(2);

Cell cell = row.createCell(2);

cell.setCellValue("Use \n with word wrap on to create a new line");

//to enable newlines you need set a cell styles with wrap=true

CellStyle cs = wb.createCellStyle();



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