Provide exported worksheet HTML file path via IFilePathProvider interface

Possible Usage Scenarios

Suppose, you have an excel file with multiples sheets and you want to export each sheet to individual HTML file. If any of your sheets have links to other sheets, then those links will be broken in the exported HTML. To deal with this problem, Aspose.Cells provides IFilePathProvider interface which you can implement to fix the broken links.

Provide exported worksheet HTML file path via IFilePathProvider interface

Please download the sample excel file used in the following code and its exported HTML files. All these files are inside the Temp directory. You should extract it on C: drive. Then it will become C:\Temp directory. Then you will open the Sheet1.html file in the browser and click the two links inside it. These links refer to these two exported HTML worksheets which are inside the C:\Temp\OtherSheets directory.



The following screenshot shows how the C:\Temp\Sheet1.html and its links look like


The following screenshot shows the HTML source. As you can see that the links are now referring to C:\Temp\OtherSheets directory. This was achieved using the IFilePathProvider interface.


Sample Code

Please note C:\Temp directory is just for illustration purpose. You can use any directory of your choice and place sample excel file inside there and execute the provided sample code. It will then create OtherSheets sub-directory inside your directory and export second and third worksheets HTML inside it. Please change the dirPath variable inside the provided code and refer it to the directory of your choice before execution.

Please see commenting these lines inside the code will break the links in Sheet1.html and Sheet2.html or Sheet3.html will not open up when their links will be clicked inside the Sheet1.html

 //If you will comment this line, then hyperlinks will be broken

options.setFilePathProvider(new FilePathProvider());

Here is the complete sample code which you can execute with the provided sample excel file.