Read Color of the Shape's Glow Effect

Possible Usage Scenarios

If you want to read the color of the glow effect of any shape, please use the Shape.Glow.Color property. It will help you find the various properties relating to the color of the glow effect applied in a shape.

Read Color of the Glow Effect of Shape

Please see the following sample code and its source excel file and the console output for your reference. The following screenshot shows the glow effect of the shape inside the source excel file when viewed in Microsoft Excel.


Java code to read color of the shape’s glow effect

Console output generated by the sample code

Here is the console output of the above sample code when executed with the provided source excel file.

Color: com.aspose.cells.Color@deff0000

ColorIndex: 16711672

IsShapeColor: true

Transparency: 0.13

Type: 2