Product Overview

Product Description

Aspose.Cells for .NET (written in managed C#) is designed to be used with any of the .NET supported languages like C#, VB.NET and J# etc. Aspose.Cells can be used with any kind of application whether it’s an ASP.NET Web Application or a Windows Desktop Application. Moreover, the library can also be used with some other solutions like Classic ASP, PHP etc. Aspose.Cells provides fully featured demos and working examples written in C# & VB.NET for developers to have a better understanding of the features exposed by its different components.

Aspose.Cells APIs offer many advanced features such as saving and opening Excel files to and from streams, sending output to a client browser, importing and exporting data from a DataTable, DataView or an Array, creating charts & Pivot Tables, importing images and charts, importing formula from a designer spreadsheet, converting designer charts to images and configuring page setup as well as common features like creating or reading native Microsoft Excel files.

Aspose.Cells APIs has a number of unique features, such as support for CSV and SpreadsheetML formats, adding a copy of an existing worksheet (with full contents, images and charts) to a file, setting gradient background for charts, creating comments, auto-filters and page breaks, setting complex formulas, supporting conditional formatting, supporting protection options introduced in Microsoft Excel XP or above, manipulating named ranges, supporting custom chart API and a powerful formula calculation engine.

Aspose.Cells Grid Suite can be used with any kind of application either it’s a Windows or Web application. Developers can easily drag and drop grid controls from the Visual Studio’s toolbox to their Windows or Web Forms. Aspose.Cells Grid Suite not only supports importing spreadsheet files and other data sources but also provides a set of APIs for creating spreadsheet contents and styles from scratch. These features make Aspose.Cells Grid Suite extremely convenient for developers to create powerful and professional applications for displaying and managing spreadsheet data. Aspose.Cells Grid Suite also allows developers to get the complete control over the look n feel and behavior of grids without putting in much effort, and most importantly, Aspose.Cells Grid Suite is cost effective.

Technical Support

Aspose provides unlimited free technical support for all its products. The support is available to all users, including evaluation.

If you need help with Aspose.Cells, consider the following:

  • The main avenue for support is the Aspose.Forums . Post your question in the Aspose.Cells Forum and it will be answered within a few hours.
  • Aspose does not provide technical support over the phone. Phone support is only available for sales and purchase questions.
  • When expecting a reply in the forums, please consider the time zone differences.

If you have an issue with Aspose.Cells, follow these simple steps to make sure it is resolved in the most efficient way:

  • Make sure you use the latest Aspose.Cells version before reporting the issue, see Aspose.Cells for .NET Downloads (NuGet repos.) to find out about the latest version.
  • Have a look through the forums, this documentation and API Reference before reporting the issue; maybe your question was already answered.
  • When reporting an issue, please include the original document and possibly a fragment of your code that causes the problem. If you need to attach multiple files, zip them into one. It is safe to attach your documents in Aspose.Forums when thread is private since only you and Aspose staff members will have access to the attached files.
  • Please try to report one issue per thread. If you have another issue, report it in a separate thread.