Evaluation Version Limitations

How to Get Evaluation Version of Aspose.Cells

You can download an evaluation version of Aspose.Cells for NET from its download page @ Maven repos. The evaluation version provides absolutely the same capabilities as the licensed version of the product. Furthermore, evaluation version simply becomes licensed when you purchase a license and add a couple of lines of code to apply the license.

Once you are happy with your evaluation of Aspose.Cells, you can purchase a license at the Aspose website. Make yourself familiar with the different subscription types offered. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Aspose sales team.

Every Aspose license carries a one-year subscription for free upgrades to any new versions or fixes that come out during this time. Technical support is free and unlimited and provided both to licensed and evaluation users.

How to Test Aspose.Cells Without Evaluation Version Limitations

If you want to test Aspose.Cells without evaluation version limitations, request a 30-day temporary license. Please refer to How to get a Temporary License? for more information.

Evaluation Version Limitations

Evaluation version of Aspose.Cells product (without a license specified) provides full product functionality, but it is limited to open 100 files in one program and an extra worksheet with evaluation watermark.

The limitations are shown below:

1st Limitation: Number of Opened Files

When running your program, you can only open 100 Excel files. If your application exceeds this number, an exception will be thrown.

2nd Limitation: Worksheet with Evaluation Watermark

This worksheet will always show as the active worksheet. Only in licensed version, you can set the active worksheet to other worksheets.

3rd Limitation: Plain Text with Evaluation information

In the output Plain Text file by Aspose.Cells, an evaluation information would be added at the end of the document.

4th Limitation: PDF and Image with Evaluation Watermark

In the output PDF or image file by Aspose.Cells, an evaluation watermark would be pasted at the top of the document/image.You can’t hide the Evaluation Copyright Warning (the extra worksheet) in the GridWeb control too, it will always be added (at the end in the worksheet tabs) in the control.

5th Limitation: Config file settings (Aspose.Cells.GridWeb)

You can’t re-specify the script path by adding the following lines of code into the configuration section (e.g in the web.config file). The acw_client is a folder that contains files and Aspose.Cells.GridWeb uses this folder to manage its internal configuration, it has script files, image files and other files to specify GridWeb’s behavior and set other operations. The config file is used to prevent the control from using the embedded client resources (images, scripts, etc.) which is useful in some cases / scenarios. Moreover, this configuration settings in the web.config file will only take effect with the LICENSED version of the control.



<add key="aspose.cells.gridweb.acw_client_path" value="/acw_client/" />

<add key="aspose.cells.gridweb.force_script_path" value="true" />